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Advantage Diecast was founded in 2017 to create the finest detailed 1:64th scale truck replicas ever made.  Our mission is to create a wide variety of toolings with very low production numbers to satisfy collectors and businesses.  Fully licensed by the OEM's, our products feature a mixture of resin and diecast to make low production runs cost effective.
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Our Top Products:
1977 Chevy Bison Road Tractor
1973 Chevy Titan/90 Road Tractor
1980 Chevy Bison Road Tractor
1975 Chevy C-65 Flatbed
1975 Chevy C-65 Flatbed
1975 Chevy C-65 Flatbed
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Shop the newest releases in our line of authentically detailed licensed replicas.
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Custom Promotional Materials:
Custom Imprinting & Custom Tooling by Advantage Diecast
Advantage Diecast offers a custom imprint service for businesses to offer unique promotional products.  These products provide a durable, tangible and collectible item to pass out to customers that will be a long-lasting reminder.  All of our products are available for custom imprint and if we do not offer an item you are looking for, our engineers can create a custom tooling for your company.
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